What blog hosts do you work with?
I have worked with both Blogger and Wordpress themes.

Will I need to pay any additional fees?
Yes, you will need to pay for the digital scrapbook kit that you would like me to use for your blog design. The prices range from around $4.50- $7. Sometimes stores run specials and you can find them a little less than that.

Will you need my blogger login information to set up my blog?
Yes. If it makes you feel better, you can temporarily change the password. Then once I'm done, you can change it back.

When do I pay for my makeover?
You won't have to pay for anything until you are satisfied with your design on your preview blog and before I put it onto your blog.

When you add the design to my blog will I lose any of my posts or sidebar items?
No, you won't loose anything that is currently installed on your blog. Your layout is the only thing that will change.

Will I be able to edit my blog the same way I had before?
Yes, you will be able to edit your posts and sidebar the exact same way as before!

Can I change the photos in my header?
No, I'm the only one that is able to do that. If you would like me to change your pictures, I can change them for $10 total up to four pictures. Over 4 pictures, add $2.50 per picture.

If you have any questions, please email me at tabitha@scrapberrydesigns.com.